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The CIEL corporate social responsibility objective is focused on combining corporate goals with development goals and enabling inclusive growth by building on key partnerships and linkages, that optimize the existing resources and reach out to more people.

The main objective of CSR is to create Livelihood opportunities for farmers in selected villages of Shirur Taluka of District Pune, through agriculture and livestock based interventions, to develop entrepreneurship capabilities of women in SHGs and to create general health awareness in women about nutritious diet, reproductive health and sanitation.

The vision of CSR is “continuously enhancing stakeholder value and create true sustainability”


Integrated Agro-Based Activity

Visits were undertaken under Improved Agriculture intervention for activities such as soil testing, demonstration of composting, demonstration of floriculture crop, support of improved seeds and exposure. There was 33% increase in yield. The project has been successful in reaching out to 300 families in the target villages.


Women Empowerment

Under new SHG formation and strengthening intervention, 56 SHGs in four villages and 904 members were involved. The project supported the capacity building of the SHGs and their Income generation Activities. A detailed study will be conducted in future to capture the impact of this activity.


Health & Hygiene Program for Women

Under health and hygiene related intervention, activities such as gynecological camps, creating awareness against nutrition and provision of kitchen garden kits of vegetables seeds were provided.


Livestock Development

Under livestock development intervention, activities such as artificial insemination, infertility camps, training and vaccination were undertaken. 213 families were benefited through the artificial insemination breeding facility provide by the project. There was remarkable reduction in incidence of diseases due to timely vaccination undertaken.


Water Recourse Development

  • CIEL will simultaneously inaugurate 3 small check dams under the project villages. These dams, constructed over the last month, are expected to help irrigate farm land for 2 villages.
  • They are also meant to help increase the water availability in drought-prone areas of the Shirur block. The dams will increase groundwater availability and also prevent soil erosion.
  • Farmers who are dependent on monsoon for agriculture would be able to grow other crops in the rabbi season. The additional moisture will help in increasing soil productivity

Anti Addiction Programs on Tobacco & Alcohol

  • CIEL has strong belief in ‘No Addiction for Good Health’
  • Many programs run under CSR for creating awareness on anti – addiction of Tobacco and Alcohol.
  • Celebration of “World No Tobacco Day” this year through Street Play, Poster Exhibition, experience sharing and showing video clips.

HIV/ AIDS Awareness

  • India has the third-highest number of people infected with HIV, in the world, with 2.1 million people infected.
  • Overall, India’s HIV epidemic is slowing down, with a 57 percent decline in new HIV infections between 2000 and 2011, and a 29 percent decline in AIDS-related deaths between 2007 and 2011, because of awareness programs in India.
  • CIEL conducts training programs on HIV/AIDS to create awareness among its employees.
  • Every year CIEL spreads awareness on HIV/AIDS on ‘World AIDS Day’ through Street plays, Poster Exhibition, lectures in educational institutions, promotion of condoms and EIC material in Truckers.


  • Every Year CIEL celebrates “ World Environment Day” by planting trees for spreading awareness within employee and villagers.
  • This year it planted more than 500 plants in company premises .